This is our living room, a place 

for our friends & family!

 With almost 8.3 billion people in this world we should all endeavor to make new friends. We have a very small and very dedicated crew of employees who believe in helping our community.

Our Crew

Captain: Nick 

"I'm Not a Nice Person" Traxler

Where it all began. I wanted a place unlike any other, a living room for my friends.

Watch Leader: Michael 

"Teddy Bear" Rangasan

Awww, he looks so cute when he is angry.

Quartermaster: Chad 

"Pirate of the Opera" Boswell

A knife in his hand and a song in his heart!

Powder Monkey: Kyle "Boozemaster" Biddle

It's like a beastmaster but with booze and secret doors.

Boatswain: Josh 

"Cheeseman" Ertl

Tired and Injured from Breakfast, peg leg coming soon!

Sailing Master: Murrey 

"Woof Woof" Traxler

The best of us, bar none.

Supply Runner: Darlena 

"The Unsure" Summers

We are unsure of what she's even sure of.

First Mate: Kayla 

"That's Not Funny" Traxler

Kayla is a Nurse at Kona Community Hospital, she helps from time to time, trying to keep us in line.

Mahalo, The Privateer's Crew

Any allegations that the owner may have at any point participated or led a mutiny of any sort are purely speculative and will be regarded as slander, a stone cast by only the most unworthy of opponents.