Est. 2015

Privateer's Cove opened in 2015 in an aim to 

provide the best and most unique dishes from 

across the globe. 

We offer a regularly changing, Port of Call, dinner menu full of exotic meats and dishes from throughout the known world. Here, our menu includes a mix of the

 best flavors we have encountered, no matter 

where they may originate.

Meet the Business Owners

Born as the last child through the matrimony of a witch and a soldier, Chef Nick Traxler, the Owner of Privateer's Cove, has traveled far and wide to satisfy his wanderlust. From poet to teacher, gypsy to lawman, until he was granted his letter of Marque from the Queen of The Americas. Nick and his wife, Kayla, have spent years under the black flag "collecting" and compiling recipes from throughout the known world before returning to their own haven here in Kona, HI, where they first met!

Open Office Hours with the Captain (Weekdays 11 - Noon)

Mahalo, The Privateer's Crew

Any allegations that the owner may have at any point participated or led a mutiny of any sort are purely speculative and will be regarded as slander, a stone cast by only the most unworthy of opponents.